DIY Enthusiasts, Get More Savings and Expert Help with the DIY SuperMerchant Website

The do-it-yourself industry in the UK is evolving and growing as more homeowners are preferring and learning to do home improvements and repairs on their own. This trend has encouraged home improvement retailers to diversify their products and keep their prices competitive. This is great news for DIY enthusiasts who want to enjoy bigger savings, more versatility, and better choices for projects.

Recognising those demands, the specialists at DIY SuperMerchant have launched their website, This company is the go-to site when you want to compare the prices of your DIY materials and home improvement or building products. They have a simple website layout and navigation and an easy and convenient process to find the items you need, and to get quotes from 6 of the most reputable merchants in the UK, namely B&Q, Homebase, Wickes, Screwfix, Robert Dyas, and Building Supplies Online. This way, you are guaranteed the lowest price available and receive the best quality products all the time. Sounds like a great deal, don't you think? 

So how can you get the best prices for your DIY, building, or home improvement project needs?     

1. Go to and register an account. You will be asked to provide an email address, your postcode, and a password. You will not be required to provide sensitive information, like your name or credit card details, because you will be paying at the merchant's secure checkout page. A postcode is needed because DIY SuperMerchant will tailor your quotations based on your location. 

2. After creating an account, you can start shopping for the products you require by using the Search bar or by choosing from the categories provided under the Products button on the menu bar

3. Select the quantity you require and load it to your 'online wagon'.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have everything you need .

5. Click on your online wagon to check which merchant provides the lowest price.

6. Customise your quotes based on lowest/highest price or quickest delivery date.

Once you choose which merchant to buy from, you can proceed to their checkout page to make your order, then wait for your delivery. Or, if you prefer to do in-store shopping, you can print your materials list and bring it with you. Pretty simple, right? And this lets you save tonnes of money and loads of time. It beats having to browse through several online shops and business sites just to compare products and prices.

By using the DIY SuperMerchant website you can quickly do your materials shopping during your lunch break, during commercials in between your favourite telly programme, or while commuting from work. There's even a page on the website that contains links leading to DIY instructional sites, so you can gain even more inspiration and ideas for your projects. The website is also currently supported by the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. 


What makes the DIY SuperMerchant specialists even more super is they are constantly looking for opportunities to partner up with more merchants so that they can give you even more choices and a wider range of prices. They are also working on delivering an app that is compatible with Apple and Android devices so it will be a whole lot more convenient for you to get quotes and show these quotations to the cashier or clerk when you shop in-store. So keep an eye out for those developments!